If your student is a High School Junior this year, then you've probably been on some college tours.  It's an exciting time for students and visiting a college will give them an idea of the exciting opportunities that are ahead of them.

Making the most of the time you spend on a college tour is more important than most people realize.  Everyone knows to visit the cafeteria; but many people do not find out what the dining plan includes.  Is it all you can eat, whenever you want to eat?  Is it two meals a day?  Do you have an meal allowance?  I think you get the idea.  Don't just let the college "show" you their school.  Be proactive!  Ask questions and get details.

A few things you should do on your visits:
  • Everyone knows to see the dorms.  Find out if the dorms they show you are the Freshman dorms!  See how far it is from the dorms to the academic building that most of your classes will be in.  It may not seem like a big deal while your visiting a college in July; but if the school is in upstate New York ... it will matter in February.
  • Locate the Student Health Center.  Find out how you receive medical attention if you need it.  Is your medical insurance accepted at local hospitals and medical practices.  Does the college offer student health insurance if the student is not covered under their parents plan?
  • Check out the gym and athletic facilities.  If you are a student that enjoys sports; find out if the facilities are open to all students or if they are reserved for their athletes.  An example:  If there is an indoor swimming pool, are their hours that it is open to the student body, or is it restricted to the swim team, water polo team, etc. during sports seasons?   Even if you are not an athlete, the athletic facilities have some great programs.  Kent State has a rock climbing wall in their athletic facility.  Who doesn't like rock climbing?
  • Look for quiet places!  When you need to study for a big exam, where can you do it.  The dorms are very often, not the best place to study.  Check the libraries and student center for "quiet" places where you or your study group can study.
  • Talk to students.  Ask your parents to meet you in 30 minutes and use that time to get a feel for the college.  Walk around like you belong there and talk to people.  Let them know that you are considering the school and ask them what their experiences have been.

We have a "Tour Sheet" with dozens of things you should be doing while visiting a college.  If you'd like a copy ... contact our office and I'd be happy to email you one.

College Tours are extremely important for your student to get a true feel for the school and to get their questions answered; it's also important for admissions, as it's an opportunity for you to display interest.

For more information ... contact our office!

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